When to HALT working

Last year I checked out a couple of Workaholics Anonymous meetings. They have lovely little rhyming advice ("Even when offered the best, I say no if I need rest") and phrases that are super easy to remember. I haven't been to a meeting since June but today while painting my house I thought of H.A.L.T. multiple times!

HALT: Hungry Angry Lonely Tired

If you feel any of those emotions, it's a sign to halt working and take a break! I'm painting/redoing my master bedroom and I really want to finish this weekend. A year ago, I would have worked from wake to sleep and ended up totally exhausted and miserable. Today, I noticed when I got hungry, angry, and tired, and I took breaks each time. It makes me feel like I love myself when I rest, and it helps me sustain the energy needed to keep painting later.

So, next time you have a big project and you're worried about burning yourself out, try HALTing when needed!

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