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How a Lazy Bitch like me learned to be Productive
Before, I was a train wreck that ate too many cinnamon rolls and watched Netflix while laying in sweats on the couch. Today, I ran 3 miles, did 40 minutes of yoga, meditated, ate steel cut oats with berries for breakfast, then turned on my favorite business podcast while I showered, all before work.
I went to a Workaholics Anonymous Meeting
I started creating all the time, and it led to me being unable to just be still without producing. I only felt okay when I was being productive. I had no idea how to relax (honestly, I still don’t).
A website for runners who don’t run
Imagine non-runners subscribing to a newsletter for runners. They get running tips in their inbox. Their IG feed is covered with runners running everywhere. Their twitter feed is mostly threads from Olympic sprinters. These non-runners own running shoes, but they don’t run. “Someday, I’ll be a run…


There are infinite ways to make a fuckload of money
I’m always slightly scared that I’m not good enough to make a ton of money. That being able to accrue assets is this secret magical spell that some are gifted with at birth, and instead of being blessed by the money fairy, some crusty old sea hag in a pink
This is what success looks like
I was hanging out at the pool with a new friend and her husband this afternoon, the three of us giving our answers to, ’What does success mean to you?” Meanwhile, her 3 year old daughter is running around naked on the back lawn in the sunshine, laughing and dancing
simplicity and freedom
Almost every time I give my all to something, to really go for a goal, I attain it. And then I realize it isn’t what I wanted in the first place. Every time, I realize that what I want are the simple things. Physical and mental health. A few


The in-depth guide to home buying in Austin, TX
All the nitty-gritty details your realtor won’t tell you- updated as I learn.