When to HALT working

Last year I checked out a couple of Workaholics Anonymous meetings [https://www.madisontaskett.com/i-went-to-a-workaholics-anonymous-meeting/]. They have lovely little rhyming advice ("Even when offered the best, I say no if I need

I went to a Workaholics Anonymous Meeting

I started creating all the time, and it led to me being unable to just be still without producing. I only felt okay when I was being productive. I had no idea how to relax (honestly, I still don't).

Wtf is Moderation

I do everything in extremes. In 2018 wanted to start a business, so I launched five startups in 5 months. In 2016 wanted to travel, so instead of taking a vacation like a

Trying not to get re-burned out

I have a ritual every weekend. I pack a bag with quality butter and local jam. Then I head over to my favorite bakery and I order whatever is right out of the