Madison Taskett

Madison Taskett

Austinite 🌮 experimenting in my job and personal life, always optimizing for disproportional returns. :) This blog is a daily look into my mind. It's raw, honest, and reflective, and I post often.

The many chapters of Matt and Madi

A live blues band plays as it pours outside of the little honky tonk. Lightning flickers through stained glass windows, casting pink shadows on the floor, and a couple slow-dances around the bar

The Flashy City

They choose the flashy place to live Network with the flashiest friends Attend the flashiest events Work the flashiest job Read the flashiest books Showcase the flashiest lovers All to fill a hole

im back

Update: Maybe I'm not back? I'm enjoying being private about my life right now. Instead of posting publicly, I've been sending my best recent writings to my mom because she's been really supportive

60 Tweets in 60 Days

The first 30 days of tweeting in a row were hard. What was crazy was as the days went by it got harder to tweet instead of easier. Every day I just wanted