Madison Taskett

Madison Taskett

Austinite 🌮 experimenting in my job and personal life, always optimizing for disproportional returns. :) This blog is a daily look into my mind. It's raw, honest, and reflective, and I post often.

Scheduling "Airplane Mode"

The last few times I've been on a flight, I've gotten more work done in 3-4 hours than I do in a typical week. I feel energized, creative, and alive. Each time, I

Everyone gets low-balled

We decided on a VC, but he's been continually lowering his offer since he noticed we wanted to go with him. First he cut my salary, and okay that's fine, but now he's cutting my team's salaries. They're already taking lower pay to join us.

Cutthroat Karaoke

8pm last night She leans back cooly on the brewery benches, eyeshadow nuclear orange, eyeliner so sharp it could kill. "Have you been to cutthroat karaoke yet?" She asks. "It's so fun. The

our inputs forge our fate

The more interesting my actions, friends, and books/videos, the more interesting my writing. So I'm examining what I consume, because all of it affects the quality of my art, and therefore my purpose, and therefore my destiny.

People CAN change.

We've all heard that people can't change, that an old dog can't learn a new trick, that you should never expect anyone to be anything other than what they show you the first