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This genetic night owl is now an early bird

I'll write a post on exactly how  I did it for my new newsletter this week! So go subscribe. :D

But yeah, I've been an early bird for the last 3 weeks (for the first time in my life), and omg I wish I'd done this 10 years ago. I have SO much more energy throughout the day, my stress levels are way lower, I'm much more productive, I eat healthier, I workout more... like, my life just flows in this schedule.

But there's a problem- Austin is living its best #vaxxedgirlsummer life and I keep getting invited to awesome things at night.

And it wrecks me. Just one night of staying up late literally fucks me up for the next week. 😭

sigh but I also think it's been worth it. The things I've done at night, the wonderful people I've met, in the last two weeks... YES. I am so happy.

But I can't do both. And after talking to a few early bird friends, they say they don't do night activities and there's no way to do both successfully.

I think I'm gonna choose early bird, leave any party at 10pm, and make friends who do things during the morning or day. I think, long term, it'll be worth it.

But I'm still not completely decided. I'll keep you posted.