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30 tweets in 30 days

I don't know how to tweet about my content.

Just posting a link to it won't get enough engagement. From seeing successful folks tweet, it's like I have to repurpose the entire blog post in tweet form. Which sounds fucking hard.

But I remember back in 2020 I promised myself I'd blog 30 days in a row and it was daunting AF but by the end of the month it was way easier. I went on to blog almost every single day that year.

So I'm gonna try this with twitter, too. Tweet about my existing content every day for 30 days.

No pressure for it to be good, just get the repetition down. But... see that's the thing. When I started this blog, no one looked. But cool people already follow my Twitter, and I have something to lose on that platform.

Wish me luck.

Day 1/30
Engagement: 1 like, and 1 twitter DM (about a different blog post haha)

Day 2/30:

Day 3/30

Day 4/30

Day 5/30

Day 6/30

Day 7/30

Day 8/30

Day 9/30

Day 10/30

Day 11/30

Day 12/30

Day 13/30

Day 14/30

Day 15/30

Day 16/30

Day 17/30

Day 18/30

Day 19/30

Day 20/30

Day 21/30

Day 22/30

Day 23/30

Day 24/30

Day 25/30

2nd tweet

Day 26/30

Day 27/30

Day 28/30

Day 29/30

Day 30/30