Let the footsteps follow the path

Earlier today I posted about... does it matter? You didn't read it.

I'm not surprised- you aren't the right audience (and I adore you for that). So why did I post it and promote it?

It started as a talk at my job, and people loved it. The feedback was incredible. Higher-ups encouraged me to submit it to conferences. I figured, "Well, I've got the talk recorded. Might as well put it on my blog and see if the results surprise me."

Ha! It took hours to format it in a way that made sense for this blog. 😭 On top of that, it also took away hours of potentially working on something that didn't feel empty.

But I felt obligated, because of the sunk cost fallacy. So in the future, how can I avoid this?

Let's start with; what is my aim? Why did I give that talk? Does it relate to my end-goal? No.

So in the future, I should only give talks that directly relate to my end-goals. And I should also only post on places that further my end goal. My recent articles on LinkedIn have garnered attention from the right kind of recruiters, but that's not my aim. I don't want anything to do with LinkedIn ever again. I hope this will be the last traditional job I have. ...So why am I putting any energy into that platform?

Earlier this year, I yearned for a North Star. I still don't know exactly what that is, but I do know the general direction in which I need to walk.

So it makes sense that I should aim all of my footsteps in the right direction.

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