Life is boring and good

I've been living a fairly boring life this month. I painted the guest bathroom and hallway ceilings tonight, and it fills me with joy to know that each day, this house is becoming a more of a home.

The peach trees I planted are starting to bloom and I'm like, 'Omg I didn't kill them?' haha. It's so good to foster life.

I went for a walk along my street today and gazed wide-eyed at the deer in my neighbor's yard. I jogged through trees and along the river, taking in the setting sun over the neon-bright spring grass. I almost interrupted a meet-cute between two wildlife photographers who secretly admired each other's work from afar, and who I suspect may have crushes on each other.

I watched the sun set on my back deck, the twinkle of downtown sparkling through the trees, my still-unnamed orange cat sitting contentedly beside me, a chorus of crickets serenading the two of us.

My life is simple right now. I don't know if it's interesting to anyone else. But it's a good life.

And even if it means I'm more quiet here, I'm okay with that.

today's run

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