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Do I want to date you or BE you?

I have some crushes right now, haha!

They're men that I really admire and look up to. But we're pretty different. Maybe we live in different states, or even different continents. Maybe we communicate differently, or have romantic attachment styles.

It got me thinking, maybe I don't want to date them, I want to be them.

Qualities my crushes have in common 😍

I've checked off the ones I also embody

  • own their own businesses
  • solopreneurs: if they manage a team, it's a really small one.

✔️ super focused but also have a great work/life balance

✔️ give to/support other makers or charities

  •  want to make the world a better place, and their actions reflect that

✔️ live simple lives/ don't overcomplicate things

  •  know how to commit to one idea for a long period of time

✔️ focus on mental health/ vulnerable and open

✔️ always experimenting/growing themselves like they do their businesses

Damn, no wonder I like them! They sound pretty awesome.

And by the end of year I will check every one of those bullets for MY LIFE too!