daily journal


Tonight: teary-eyed watching Spirited Away with my youngest sister. Thinking, 'This is what life's about, being fully present with those I love. I see her only once a year, and this is that

Cat Person

I've always been a dog person, 100%. Never cared for cats, like, at all. Then I bought a house that unexpectedly came with a bonus-cat. I named her Cinnamon. I fell in love.

Life is boring and good

I've been living a fairly boring life this month. I painted the guest bathroom and hallway ceilings tonight, and it fills me with joy to know that each day, this house is becoming

Do I want to date you or BE you?

I have some crushes right now, haha! They're men that I really admire and look up to. But we're pretty different. Maybe we live in different states, or even different continents. Maybe we