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No North Star

No North Star

I want so badly to start a business but I don't know what to hone in on.

It's like I'm lost at night and I don't have a North Star pointing me home. It makes me feel like a fool sometimes. It seems like everyone else can see the damn star; why can't I? Is there something wrong with me for not having a specific direction? Am I never going to see it?

Maybe I can't see my North Star, but I can see other ones. So I've started naming them.

My Stars:

  • Long-term asset building (aka Joe)
  • Business is not tied to any one location (Janice)
  • Bootstrapped: no funding unless there's a real need a few years in (Jamil)
  • At least 1M ARR potential (Jose)
  • No physical location, no physical product, as little physical overhead as possible (Jun)

I've been spending time every day getting to know Joe, Janice, Jamil, Jose, and Jun. Asking them questions, listening to their answers. Learning from those who know these stars the best. Sometimes the stars will introduce me to their other star friends, or tell me certain stars to avoid (For example, I've heard that Jim, the e-commerce star, is hard to grow to a 1M+ ARR business, and that Jerry, a marketing agency, is not worth my time.)

Best of all, the more I get to know these stars, the more they light up the landscape around me.

And somewhere out there, I can see a shape that looks vaguely like it might be home.