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So thankful to own in Austin

Austin had the hottest home-buying market in 2020, with the median price of a home going up close to 24% in Dec 2020 vs December 2019. It's also expected to have, again, the hottest housing market of 2021.

Apple is building a massive location here. Oracle's moving their HQ here. Tesla's building a factory and a massive warehouse. Elon Musk (according to my sources) just bought a place near Austin. Bill Gates was spotted swimming at our local swimming pool the other week. Samsung is going to open a huge plant here.

Everywhere you look, tech is coming to Austin. It's insane!

And the city is great. Today, it was 80 degrees and sunny, in January! People are friendly and entrepreneurial. The vibe is still laid-back compared to other large tech hubs.

And I LOVE MY HOME. I love my property, I love the location, I love my neighbors. And my street is ON FIRE. There's a house on my street that's being sold for almost a million bucks. Like, WHAT. But at the same time, my next-door neighbor has chickens and roosters, and I see coyotes and deer often. Ughh, I love it. I love it!

And most of all, I love that I'm somewhere happening and interesting and I don't have to worry about getting into the housing market. I'm already here.

PS- If you're looking to buy in Austin, I made a guide to buying in ATX while I was house-hunting.