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Why there's no mosquitos in his swamp

My dad lives in a super humid, subtropical part of Texas (seriously, there's leaf cutter ants and carnivorous plants growing wild there). Mosquitos can eat you alive in his neck of the woods. To top it off, he has a 1.5 acre pond right below his house.

BUT HE AINT GOT NO MOSQUITOS. It's insane! I can sit outside in the middle of the summer and watch the sunset and be totally fine.

"Dad, how on Earth do you not have mosquitos? This is crazy!"

"Or is it?" My dad answered with that familiar twinkle in his eyes. "I planned it this way."

"Wait... you can plan to not have mosquitos?"

"You can! Dragonflies eat mosquitos. So while I was building out the property, I learned everything I could about them and I built the pond with the right kind of habitat, as well as the lawn around the pond and the plants inside the pond. Look, there's hundreds of dragonflies around here right now. And no mosquitos!"

So how does my dad enjoy a mosquito-free yard? Simple: he assumed it was possible, he planned, and he executed on his plan.

He does this with everything. He assumes that what he wants is possible, even if others say it's not, he learns how to do it (even if that's creating his own plan from nothing), and does it.

This has led him to success in many areas of his life, and it's something I want to do more in the future.