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Weekend Patterns

Weekend Patterns

First off, a side note: This blog has been 100% for me lately. Should it continue that way? Should I focus on writing things that are actually useful for others?

This weekend, the same thing happened as last weekend, and the weekend before that. I forced myself to drive into nature and go for a hike.

Just like last weekend, I was upset at myself (I could be at home creating things instead) until about an hour into my hike. All of a sudden, my muscles relaxed and I started noticing details again. The way the breeze blew through the ferns, the soft feel of moss on a tree, the sound of the roaring river rushing below me.

My mind opened up, too. I started thinking big-picture. I started drawing timelines in my head for the goals I have. The muddier my hiking boots got, the more I was thinking strategically again.

And now that I'm back home, I feel so much more relaxed and rejuvenated. I feel centered, calm, and relaxed.

I wrote this week about how my energy levels fluctuate so much during a typical week.  I wonder if I should go to a park after work or during lunch, to re-energize myself? I wonder if meditation will work as nicely as nature time? I wonder what it is about these weekend drives that works so nicely for my well-being?