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Be like the toilet paper woman

You know those nights where your all of your plans seem to fall through? That was me tonight.

Somewhere around midnight (this is hours into a shitty night), I had to pee and sat in the stall only to discover there was no toilet paper. Of course. Fuck this night.

"Oh, there's no toilet paper in that stall," a random woman's voice said as if she could read my thoughts. "But don't worry, I got you girl!!"

She handed me a bunch of toilet paper (yaassss) and said that she always finds herself in my position and it's always the worst so it's the least she can do!

That little, totally unnecessary gesture from a stranger turned everything around. Things started immediately getting better and tonight actually turned out to be a really good night after all.

It's a nice reminder that we often have opportunities to do favors for others that are trivial for us, but that can really brighten someone's day or give them more faith in humanity. It's so worth it.