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My September 2020 Goals

I read this thread about a day in the life of a girl who makes 100K/month on Onlyfans, and something stood out to me:

A large aspect of her success is her really good, repeatable routine.

She's clearly a really smart, driven woman as well. But her superpower is in her high-quality, consistent routine. I bet it's so ingrained in her that she hardly needs to think about it.

I've spent the first half of this year building a really wonderful morning and evening routine, but my workday routine really sucks. I waste so much time. I'm not efficient.

Everything you do is a vote for or against the person you want to be.

My main goal for this month is to create a more effective Monday-Friday workday routine. I want to accomplish more than I am, and unless I automate my workdays, I'll be at a plateau for the foreseeable future.

Other September goals:

  • Read Steph's book and attend her 6 week AMA sessions
  • Get pre-approved for a home by a lender

Bonus goals:

  • Direct mailer to Bouldin Creek homes w/ over 5750 feet
  • Try not to go broke and die lol lol lol

PS- Aella has a blog and it's super good; really raw and introspective, and I'm obsessed.