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Big Things, Little Things

Big things

Last month, I moved to Austin.

Last week, I got a promotion at my job.

Today, I told a realtor, "I want put an offer on this property. How do I do this?"

Little Things

Last month, I went for my regular 3 mile run around the river, one of many.

Last week, I went on an awkward date, one of many.

Tonight, I was vulnerable and honest with my group, the same as I do every week.

Big Things, Little Things

When I was younger, I only paid attention to the big things. And the big things are still really big! But these days, it's the small things, done well over time, that bring me to my knees with gratitude.

The big things, they're life changing, but they're also like one-offs. I suppose you can lose the big things. But the little things, they hold everything together. When something happens to the big things, the little things have got your back.

I'm way more impressed with the little things I've done in the last year. And that makes me really happy!