May Goals

May Goals

My May theme:

"Consistency matters far more than motivation or even effort."

My goal in May is to simply be consistent with everything I do. I tend to do things in extremes and burn myself out, so in April I decided to start working towards my goals in small ways, but consistently. It really worked, and in May I'm going to take it even further.

May Goals:

  • Eat healthy every single day this month. I'm not going to live the rest of my life this strictly, but I want to set this goal to see how I feel after eating healthy every day for one month; I want to see what consistency will do to my mind and my body.
  • Continue writing daily, but put that daily effort towards higher value posts. This means that I won't be posting every day, but hopefully my posts will be a lot more interesting. We'll see! (edit: I had internally set a goal of 1 hr/day working on higher value posts, and it was way too much for a starter goal. Current goal is just to work on it every day, whether that's 5 minutes or 50 minutes).
  • Add daily meditation to my routine. I don't meditate at all right now, so I'm starting small (5 minutes a day) just to build a routine. I'll go up in time from there.
  • Do bodyweight workouts 3x/week. I want to get a nice butt; it was one of my main 2020 goals, and I'm going to start Brett Contreras's Bootyful Beginnings workout schedule this month.
  • 'Big Ideas Only' on Fridays: where I ask myself what the largest problem I could be solving is, and ask what I'm doing to solve it.

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