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Can fatty food give you anxiety?

The nachos at Carniceria Los Amigos might be the best meal I've ever had, like omg, but they're super fatty; deep fried tortillas (chips), mounds of queso oaxaca, carne asada, sour cream... it was probably 2,000 calories in one meal alone.

After my youngest sister and I devoured them, we got exhausted and went to bed early... and then both stayed up, hearts racing, overcome with anxiety until 1 am.

I woke up from nightmares multiple times, and each time would lay awake for what seemed like an eternity, overcome with an unreasonable fear of I don't even know what. I barely slept last night.

My sister said the exact same thing happened to her! And the anxiety took all day long to wear off for both of us.

We hadn't had a stressful day yesterday. We'd eaten the same breakfast and lunch as we'd had all week. Nothing was different than the days before. We just ate a really unhealthy dinner.

I obviously don't have enough data to say, "fatty foods cause noticeable anxiety"... but it's something I'm going to start noting from now on.