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Jonny Wilkinson's keys for a high performance life

This podcast was amazing: below are my fav parts.

If we win that's gonna be awesome, and I'm going to anything possible to win. But if things don't go my way, I know that's going to bring out so much more in me. So I would love to win this game, but I would also love to be challenged and not have it my way.
I created an idea, as most people do, that joy is earned through deep suffering and sacrifice. By suffering and stressing and fighting you somehow end up in a joyful flowing state. But my own experiences have shown that by spending time stressing, suffering, and sacrificing, what I did was create stronger habits of suffering, stressing, and sacrificing.
The only way to go back to being free of identity, is to let go, but essentially, it's got to die. In order to fully live, are you willing to die? Or are you just living to die? I got to a point where I was protecting this whole identity. That old me was choosing how new me should be. All my old beliefs, my old conclusions, my old ideas, were choosing how this life should have to be for me now.
Behind self-belief is fragility. Behind self-belief is a person who is covering up for fear. The person who looks ahead and goes, 'Let's see,' that person is ready.
Joy is just deep engagement.
Explore. That's the only thing for a high-performance life. Versus control. Go back to passion, excitement, and a willingness to learn.

PS- Thanks Harry for sharing.