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Maybe it's all Fate

"I don't care how beat a guy is, he'll have a theory why he's beat. A theory can lead you down the garden path 'cause you'll follow it in spite of road signs." - The Winter of our Discontent, John Steinbeck

The stories we tell ourselves steer us towards different fates. So with that in mind, lately I've been trying this thing where I pretend that everything that happens in my life is fate itself.

I have a goal in my head, and then everything that happens to me, good or bad, I pretend is related positively towards this goal. This situation didn't work out? What if it's fate? And then my human brain, built for problem-solving and pattern recognition, works out how logically, of course, this could all be fate and could be leading to something way better. It puts together paths that lead from the problem towards the goal.

And thus, every setback becomes an opportunity. It's like putting on rose-colored glasses.