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Tim Ferriss's Old Blog

If you're thinking of starting a blog, but you're scared it'll be an embarrassing pile of crap, or if you already blog regularly but you're doubting yourself, I recommend checking out Tim Ferriss's original 2006/2007 blog.

When I think of Tim Ferriss, I think of a man who has the one of highest verbal intelligences out there. He's perfectly worded and thought-out. But his original blog is not that impressive by any means.

That unimpressive blog, not the polished one you see today, was the blog that ended up changing his life, helping him hone the idea for the Four Hour Workweek, and in his words, "I wrote 500+ posts that helped enable everything else. Without the blog, there would be no angel investing career, no podcast, no documented hair loss, etc."

In this post from 2019, Ferriss says, "Private journaling is a step in the right direction, but it’s not a replacement. I need to face the squirmy discomfort that comes both before and after publishing."

This daily discomfort has helped me become a much better writer and thinker. It's helped Tim become rich and famous. And I recommend it for you, too.