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I tweeted for 30 days: Results

My goal: tweet every day for 30 days. No other goals, just consistency and habit-building for now.

Results in Numbers

Followers: +10

In-Person meetings from Twitter: 6

Email Subscribers: +4

Most Popular Tweet: The dumbest tweet I posted all month πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘‡

Main Learnings

Daily Tweeting didn't earn me many followers

I only got 10 new followers the entire 30 days! πŸ˜…

Before this experiment, I've gotten most of my followers from creating cool things and then showing social proof. When my Lazy Bitch Productivity Guide went viral on Hacker News in 2020, it got me over 500 Twitter followers within a couple of days.

To gain followers, I think I need to create great things again, and market them well.

But it connected me with my existing followers

I've either met or am scheduled to meet with six people through my daily tweets. Β All but one are existing in-person friends whom I haven't seen in a while.

I've also reconnected with two online friends on a deeper level because of my daily posting.

My most popular tweet was a stupid response to a viral tweet and got 200+ likes. I commented on with another viral tweet and got 30 likes. I see this in other areas of life too, like if someone early in their career can link up with a successful star of their field, that person can do wonders for them.

On a similar note, posting about my friend Nick Gray got 17 likes. I think posting about or to popular accounts could help drive engagement too.

What Worked on my Feed

My most popular tweet on my feed was a more personal one, posted on day 29/30:

Tbh tho it's a small sample size so I'm not sure. Other tweets that did well were about burnout and a poll on Oura rings.

My posts got more engagement towards the end of the 30 days of regular posting. Whether that's due to the Twitter algorithm, or me getting better at tweeting, I can't say.

What Didn't Work

I only posted one long thread and it got 1 like. I dunno how to post threads yet.

Austin home buying tweets did horribly compared to last year. Probably because the housing market is way slower right now.

Posts where I ask people to comment their opinions usually performed poorly. But, if I ask for help specifically with something relatable, people will respond. I notice that people will still post comments to something they like, even if I don't ask them specifically to comment.

I also had a few tweets that were setups without a 'punchline' so to speak, and they did poorly. Like this tweet:

Like, it needs a part after it that the reader can learn from/do something with.

Whereas this post has a punchline (Maybe preventing burnout is a much bigger deal than we think it is) and it did much better. Although it would have probably done even better if I'd made it a thread and said, 'Here are 5 things you can do now to prevent burnout' or something.

Things to Change Moving Forward

Add more 'punchlines' to tweets

For example, this tweet is missing a punchline:

It's a good setup, but there's no delivery, there's no 'here's what you can do with this information. The only comment on this tweet says, "Improved how?"

If I had followed it up by saying, "Here's 7 things you can do to look better today," and made a thread, it might have done better.

Create cool things and market them

Often, tweeting daily was such a slog that I couldn't muster the time to actually make things people care about. Need to make time to create good, deep content too.

This worked well for engagement. Let's see if it helps w/ follower counts.

This has worked in the past, we'll see if it works in the future.

Learn how others get followers

I went into this kind of blindly, and didn't get a lot of followers as a result.

I Β know that creating great things works, but what else does? Learning what the best are doing and emulating that sounds like a smarter way to move forward.

Learn Twitter Algorithm Basics

What does it reward? What does it penalize? Don't need to spend too much time here, but get a basic overview.

For the next 30 days:

  • I will continue to post daily (with some exceptions July 5-12, as I'll be traveling)
  • I will learn the basics of the twitter algorithm
  • I will tweet with more 'punchlines' and see how that works
  • I will market my friendships article and tweet about it

Bonus actions

  • Comment on 5 trending tweets
  • I will study 2 top accounts in my field and try 4 techniques they do
  • I will create content for 2 top accounts to retweet or otherwise engage with

PS: I took two days off during my 30 days in a row goal. I visited my Dad over Father's Day weekend, worth it.