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When I need to rest, I get sloppy.

When I need to rest, I get sloppy.

I bet this happens with all of my brain work too, but with painting my house it's obvious. I painted the guest bedroom closet today and yoooo, it's a mess.

Usually, I get sloppy because I want to get something done faster than I'm able to, and then I end up cutting corners and it makes the overall process even longer because I have to go back and re-do some of the work!

If I had stopped today and gone for a walk, a run, a bike ride, or laid in bed for a little while and watched Netflix, then returned to my paint job, it would probably look a lot nicer right now. I wouldn't have to re-do anything. I would have saved time by taking time off.

Btw, the first version of this post was a total mess. I told you, I get sloppy when I need rest. Then I took a break, and came back, and it looks a little better now.

So, when I catch myself getting sloppy, I will try harder to stop and take a step back. It'll save me time in the long-run.