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Waiting room pt 2

I'm in the waiting room right now.

You know the feeling, when you are in between point A and B but you can't get to B yet so you're just... waiting.

It sucks. You've done everything you can to get to point B and it is coming soon but it's not here yet. Nothing you can do will get you closer to point B, and in fact, doing anything might make point B come even later.

I think this is a time for rest? Ugh. If I had my own dictionary, 'rest' wouldn't be in it.

Being in the waiting room is stressful. Point B is usually a change- in my case it's a large change. I'm scared. I don't know what I'm doing. Does anyone ever really know what they are doing?

No one is born with a map to their lives. Why do I feel like my not having a map either, is somehow not okay?