How I've been getting clarity lately

Have you ever noticed that it's common for a person to try really hard in a relationship shortly before breaking it off?

They aren't sure why the relationship is failing. So they give it their all, because if they're 100% invested and they still don't feel the way they should, then there's nothing they can do. They get clarity, and they leave.

Lately, I've been using a similar method to get clearer on what I want.

An example: I wasn't 100% sure about moving to Austin. So on the way down to Austin from Seattle, I stopped in my backup cities (Boise, SLC, Denver). I took my time and pretended I lived there and let my daydreams run wild. Each 'alternative life' made it clearer and clearer that I'm set on giving Austin a shot.

With my career, I don't think I want to go down the corporate VP/CMO path, but I'm not sure. So I've been 'giving it my all' for that path in different ways and it's only solidified in my heart that I need to go down my own path instead.

How can you try this? When you're unsure about what you want, try 100% committing to it for a period of time. See how it feels. It's that simple.

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