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The Moment is always happening

The Moment is always happening

The other day, I pondered if, in our heart of hearts, we've always known what our purposes are.

But then we get scared, and we pretend we don't know. We pretend so hard, that we actually believe ourselves. It goes in this cycle:

I started fleshing out a business idea today, and I realized it's a combination of ideas I've been having for at least the last 10 years.

Why haven't I started those ideas earlier? Because I'm realizing that the things I want to work on don't fit the image I want for myself.

I want to be cool. I want to build something smart-sounding using software. I want to be a computer nerd. I want to build something that will change the world.

Except... I don't. What I really want, is to make art through physical products. I want to write for a living. I want to create things that aren't cutting edge but that make me happy.

And until I'm ready to accept myself as I really am, the cycle will continue without end.