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Struggling to find Balance

In May, I've been writing fewer informal daily posts to spend more time on larger, more well-thought out pieces.

But I miss this. I miss writing my heart out every day and feeling connected to you, reader. It's a nice feeling, like I'm sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cozy leather couch in a room full of worn books chatting with a friend (that's you!).

So, friend, this week was crazy. Almost a thousand people viewed my post on how a lazy bitch like me learned to be productive. A lot of work went into that article, and I'm putting a ton of work into another one (tentatively called 'Death to Tech Hubs').

I set a goal for one hour per day for these posts, and it's too much. These new posts take up a ton of brain power, and on top of my regular job and all the other things I do outside of work, I've been overextending myself.

It's weird because I can't see it coming until it's too late. Monday and Tuesday, I was smooth sailing, full of energy, getting things done left and right like it was nbd, killing it at work and at home. This morning I was bursting with new ideas and so excited about life... and around 1 pm I totally fell apart. I went from 100% to 7% in the span of 15 minutes. I had to stop working, and I went into my backyard and sat in the sun and stared at the grass, and just like... zoned out for over an hour. Only now at 10 pm am I feeling normal again.

Maybe I have 'low battery' warning signs, and I'm just not attuned to them. Either way, I need to adjust my 'big post writing goals' every day, and take more time to breathe and recharge. I'm going into the mountains this weekend with some friends and there's no internet at our cabin... tbh it stresses me out because I'm going to go 2.5 days without doing any work. Which, of course, is the strongest sign that I need to take that time off! So, wish me luck! ;)