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Day 9: Complex is Simple and Simple is Complex

There's a famous story of Christopher Columbus at a party with a bunch of nobleman assholes who were like, "Bro, even if you hadn't found the New World, someone else would have. You're not that special."

And Columbus responded by ordering an egg, and said something like, "K. I bet that none of you can make this egg stand up on its own, naked and without anything at all."

Each of the noblemen tried and failed, and finally Columbus took the egg, gently crushed one of the edges, and stood it up on the crushed edge.

"Of course it's simple... now that I've shown you how it's done."

My sister showed me a puzzle yesterday. "The trick is to remove the metal ring. That's it."

I was stressed, my mind a jumbled ball of twine and barbed wire. I tried for a good while and made no headway. She smiled sympathetically.

"It took me a long time to figure it out too. You're making it too complicated. It's actually really simple" She paused. "I guess a lot of life is like that."

PS- I tackled it again this morning with a calm, clear mind and solved most of it right away. One part left, probably simple AF, but it's okay to be kind- I've never seen it done before.