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Day 8: We voted for different candidates

I'm staying with my sister this week and we both voted for different candidates. But no matter how things turn out, we're both going to be okay!

Last week we decided to do three key things:

  1. Not look up election results the night of the 3rd (too anxiety-inducing)
  2. Whomever votes for the winning candidate will set their thoughts aside and comfort the person whose candidate loses
  3. Then we'll move on and enjoy our time together

It's been working. We're able to talk about our decisions and thought processes respectfully and calmly. We've been planning fun activities to distract ourselves. We've been working as a team. We're doing well!

Today, in a moment of stress, I asked myself, "What kind of support system do I need today?" But I've got it, right here.

I suppose a big reason this is working so well for us is because we both agreed on what was really important: our relationship and well-being. We both voted, we did our part, and whatever happens next is out of our control. So, we've both been able to let that go.