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A dream where he died

Last night, I found out that my Dad has only a couple of months left to live. I feel like I'm the one dying, because I can't imagine being here without him. He can't die! That's not allowed. No. But even if we do everything possible to extend his life, it would only add a few more weeks, tops. The diagnosis is final. I cried so much I felt like I was drowning.

Then I woke up. It took a few minutes to calm down because the dream felt so real. My friend Will texted, asking if I wanted to grab lunch.

"How have you been?" I asked mid-hug.

"Well, my Dad died last month." he said, "So I've been basically incapacitated since then." We talked about the experience, and he said, "You've still got time. Don't take it for granted. Someday that time will run out, and you never know when that'll be."

When I got back to my car I saw a missed call from my Dad.

"Hey hunny bunny! How's your day going?" he said in his usual happy, strong, healthy voice.

Dude, I almost cried. It felt like I'd seen the future and I had the insane luck to get a second chance to be fully present while he still has time, while I still have time.

Because there will come a day where I'll call him and no one will answer.

His voice has never sounded so sweet.