A dream where he died

Last night, I found out that my Dad has only a couple of months left to live. I feel like I'm the one dying, because I can't imagine being here without him. He

2022 Recap: A Wasted Year?

This year, however, was dead silent. Did I even have a mouth? My pages ran dry. A dense grey fog rolled in so slowly I didn't feel it coming. I just knew that one day, everything looked hazy and far away and slow and so so quiet.

The many chapters of Matt and Madi

A live blues band plays as it pours outside of the little honky tonk. Lightning flickers through stained glass windows, casting pink shadows on the floor, and a couple slow-dances around the bar


Tonight: teary-eyed watching Spirited Away with my youngest sister. Thinking, 'This is what life's about, being fully present with those I love. I see her only once a year, and this is that