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My 2020 Recap: Clawing my way to Wellness

After spending the majority of 2019 [] both sinking into and clawing out of a self-created depression, I swore that this year, I'd learn to be well. I've never

How did my blog do in 2020?

In January of this year, inspired by Pat Wall's daily blog [], I started posting every day. For the first month or two, I only had about 5 repeat readers, but

My September 2020 Goals

I read this thread [] about a day in the life of a girl who makes 100K/month on Onlyfans, and something stood out to me: A large

How I'm Making Friends in 2020

I moved to Austin, TX on August 1st! 🎉 Yay! Time to go out and meet peop- oh. It's 2020. Right. No events, no group sports or exercise class connections, no volunteer