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The Most Attractive Quality

The Most Attractive Quality

My wealthy Mexican friend once came across a witch doctor in a remote volcano-side village in South America. The mystical old woman inexplicably knew the names of his best friend and ex-girlfriend, and told him she could see people's fates.

"What's mine?" he asked, astonished.

"Cristian, I see you doing amazing things for the people of Mexico. You have the means, you have a sharp mind, and you come from a powerful family. But," she pointed to the cigarette in his right hand,

"before you are able to rule over others, you must first learn to rule over yourself. Quit smoking, and you will change history. Keep smoking, and no one will know your name."

The most irresistible trait is self-mastery.

Someone who can rule themselves can be trusted to rule justly over everything else in their life. I respect such a person. I would follow such a person to the ends of the Earth. And so will everyone else.

PS- My friend was and is an extraordinary person. But he kept smoking, and still, no one knows his name.