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Seattle for the last time

I flew back to Seattle for the last time this evening, with Taylor (my Seattle bestie)'s words echoing through my head.

I thought I was okay living alone during a pandemic, until I really, really, wasn't.

Taylor healed by spending three weeks living with her boyfriend's family. I too just spent the last two weeks with my folks and some close friends, and it was the best.

Walking through my front door tonight, the loneliness seeped into my bones like a frigid cold. I went into quarantine on March 1st, and living by myself while everything is closed and it's difficult to see friends, well, it felt okay actually...  until it wasn't. Now that I know what it's like to be around wonderful people all the time, I can't go back.

I have four good friends here, and every single one of them is leaving Seattle before October.

I'm leaving too.