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I'm scared of doing it.

I'm going to launch a thing next month and I'm scared.

Because what if I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing and it fails spectacularly? And everyone will know.

And even worse, what if I won't even be able to create the product in the first place? Like, I won't even be able to fail because I won't be able to create something good enough to even launch with.

I'm supposed to have content ready next month and I haven't started. I am paralyzed.

I'm telling you this because it's obviously bullshit and I need to publicly acknowledge that and move forward! I'll write, and just like when I started this blog, it'll be really difficult at first. And really uncomfortable. But I'll keep up with it and I'll find product market fit and I'll grow.

And if not, then no one will care. Everyone will know? Ha! No one will remember! And I'll move on to the next thing!

And I will never give up until I succeed!

So, okay! I'm scared! So what? Just start creating it Madi. Even if it's total shit. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK. You'll be okay, no matter what happens.