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Classic novels are secret weapons

I'm reading Winter of Our Discontent by Steinbeck. It sounded very 2020; couldn't resist! 😉

I wanted to take a break from business books, and since 1984 was so damn good, I'm reading more novels by classic authors.

What's fascinating is it's actually a business book! From what I've read so far, at least. I've unintentionally gotten a lot of value from it.

And it's not business advice that anyone is talking about in 2020- so it's like a secret leg up.

I think perhaps a lot of the classics could teach us ways of doing business that the mainstream hasn't beaten us to death about. And even if not about business, there are so many deep lessons about life; 1984 was a perfect example of that.

I excited to keep reading old novels. They're hidden gold mines.