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How to create extra lives

How to create extra lives

The other night, I was playing fetch with my roommate's dog, and I was completely in the moment with him. I was smiling and laughing and wrestling the chew toy out of his tiny little mouth, and time changed shape- it slowed down and then became spherical, engulfing the two of us and the backyard in a glass globe. A warm summer breeze, the smell of grass, and the deep blue glow of twilight... it was like there was this entire small eternity that existed of just me and this dog, over and over, playing in an endless happy loop.

Being present in that moment was like being given an extra life. This other version of me was born in that 5 minute span, and only (and forever) exists there. I'm so lucky to have experienced it.

I'm awful at being present, but lately I've been focusing on it more, and it's so cool because those memories are so much more tangible and beautiful. I lost myself sitting on a poolside overlooking the city the other day, and I can feel the wind in my hair and the refreshing cold sting of the water on my feet like I'm there right now. I was fully present for the low, comforting hum of a friend's voice, and its memory visibly relaxes my shoulders weeks later. And best of all, I can instantly transport myself into that universe where it's just me and Moose, playing fetch on a summer lawn, forever and ever.

It's so fucking cool. I can't believe I've been missing out on this for my entire life.