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Night driving through rural Arizona

Night driving through rural Arizona

Color your vision black, press play, and turn up the volume.

You there? Good. Now add a million stars on top of the black. You should feel like you're floating in space. Put an empty road in the center of your vision, faintly lit in the night.

You're driving fast, hugging the curves of this road as you speed through a sea of stars.

You can make out the faint shadows of desert mountains on either side, and the sharp outlines of a forest of saguaros flying past you at 90 MPH.

There is no civilization in sight. Just you, soaring through the endless night sky somewhere on Mars.

This is what it feels like driving to my Airbnb from my Mom's house. She lives in the middle of nowhere in Arizona, surrounded on each side by towering mountains, saguaros, and dramatic cliffs. The night drives from her home are spectacular.

I just got done with one, and I feel so in awe of being alive. I wanted to share a little bit of that feeling with you.