Little Boat on the Ocean

Little Boat on the Ocean

Lately my emotions are like the ocean, and I'm a tiny, wobbly little boat perched precariously on top of the waters. Whenever something effects my feelings, the vast waters tip that poor little boat all over the place.

I've been trying to steady myself by attempting to control the sea. But trying to overpower the ocean is as futile as trying to will the sun to rise from the West. It is always wise to avoid storms, but no sailor worth his salt would cross the ocean thinking that he won't run into some sort of trouble. Life throws challenges at everyone all the time, and that's just our condition as human beings.

No, it's best to prepare the boat. Man the sails as needed, prepare to brave the storm, and laugh in the face of the lightning and wind. Accept and love the rough spots, for every downpour eventually ends and calm waters will soon return.

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