Is this blog just utter bullshit?

Are any of my thoughts actually coming from me, or are they just society's dictates vomited with a slightly different filter applied?

Is there even a genuine 'me' underneath it all? Is every thought, idea, action, that I deem 'original' just programming?

- Genetic programming
- Societal programming

Is it possible to create our own programming? And if so, isn't the ability to alter our code pre-coded into us, thus bringing us back to genetic programming?

Is 'reality' just a scratched record, replaying remixes of the same exact thoughts repeated over thousands of years? We all know that it is.

But if this blog is bullshit, then why would people read it? Why do we read people's blogs anyway?

Maybe this blog is SUPPOSED to be bullshit.

If none of us are truly original and we're all kind of copies of each other, then if I find a way to solve one of my problems, then chances are it could solve that problem for you too. Maybe the reason we read blogs is exactly because we're all the same to a large extent.

It's kind of lovely when you think about it; we all hold the keys to each other's cages. If I find out how to unlock something, the same key will work for you, too. So in that way, maybe the fact that we're all just operating systems encased in beautiful meat sacks is okay.