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Introducing Madi OS 31.7, now with Weekend Mode™

Introducing Madi OS 31.7, now with Weekend Mode™

Thank you, thank you, for coming tonight! I see we have a full house, wonderful, so grateful for all your faces and your support of the Madi project thus far.

OS 31 of the Madison Taskett product (known affectionately as 'Madi') has been our most advanced and well-loved OS yet. You have responded very positively to fitness mode, which we implemented in April, though some of you were sad to see that we end-of-lifed 'bake all the things' mode at the end of March.

We take your feedback very seriously, and your desires have helped shape the product that so many use and love each day.

But today I announce a feature that no one has been asking for. You use Madi to do more, accomplish more, produce more, more, more more. This new feature takes things away. This new features forces Madi to do less.

Introducing 'Weekend Mode™'!

What is Weekend Mode?

Weekend mode gets rid of traditional productivity on Saturdays. This new option, available in 'settings' under 'wellbeing controls' is called Slow Down Saturdays and takes effect on Saturdays from 8am to 8pm. During a Slow Down Saturday, Madi is unable to do traditional work tasks and must move slowly throughout the day. This Saturday, she hiked on desert cliff sides and wandered through vineyards instead of working. Madi can't speed through traffic or listen to more than one business podcast during this time. This new option forces her to slow down.

It also deactivates 'fitness mode' on Friday and Sunday nights. This weekend, Madi made homemade pesto pasta and she cooked an incredible Indian lamb dish. She drank a beer with dinner both nights. We haven't seen this kind of activity from the Madison Taskett product in a long time, and since it brings her a lot of joy, we knew that now was the right time to re-introduce it.

Finally, Weekend Mode™ includes a revival of the much-missed socialization toggle. Many of you probably weren't even users of the Madi product the last time that toggle was active. Simply switch 'Socialization' on during weekends to allow Madi to go on long walks with her quarantine buddy named Taylor, or sit on the porch and chat about life with her next door neighbor for an afternoon.

Why did we bring Weekend Mode™ to production?

Our goal is to enable you to create things that matter.

This was a feature you didn't ask for and didn't want. But we believe it'll help you create great things that will impact the world.

We noticed that the 'do all the things' platform that Madi OS31 runs on has some serious bugs that get in the way of our core mission. Simply put, 'do all the things' doesn't have an off switch.

The Madi product needs rest in order to function at full capacity, and without the ability to turn off regularly, that rest is never achieved. Without being able to be 100% off, Madi was forced to constantly be preserving what little energy she did have at any given time. This led to her never being able to fully be 100% on, either.

Because she was always running on low battery, the Madi product became scatterbrained and started working on all sorts of projects just to continue to produce. She burned herself out and was less productive because she sacrificed laser sharp focus for unfocused breadth, therefore never hitting her real target.

With Weekend Mode™, Madi has already seen a statistically significant increase in energy. Her creativity and zest for life is returning, as is evidenced from this quirky blog post you are attending this evening. She believes that soon, she too will create things that matter.

Madi asked me to leave you tonight with this quote by Tim Ferriss.

I tend to be either on or off. If you are ‘on’ all the time and you are hustling 24/7 in a very scatterbrained fashion, that in itself is a form of laziness. Indiscriminate action is reflective of too little thinking and planning and that is lazy, and it’s one of the most destructive forms of laziness because it is socially reinforced and people encourage you to do that.

They will say, don’t just stand there, do something. If you’re constantly doing things that are not carefully thought through, you will end up doing the opposite of the 80/20 principle. You will end up specializing in unimportant things. You will become an expert in doing trivial things well, and that is a travesty and it’s a huge waste of life.

So, work hard, but only when it is applied to the right things.” -Tim Ferriss

Thank you. Drive home safely tonight!

PS- Madi is thinking of relocating her headquarters to Austin, Texas. If you live there or have lived there in the last 4 years and have an opinion on her moving to ATX, tweet Madi and let her know your thoughts.