Please, do the frivolous thing

Jun 5, 2021

Last night I was getting to know my new friend Cal, who moved to San Diego to surf.

"I'm sure that sounds frivolous," he said.

Nah, it's beautiful. He's following his heart. Leaning into the simple moments where he's 100% present and everything else melts away.

It reminds me of my boss back in Colorado. He'd grown up in San Diego, and surfing was his favorite! He moved to a land-locked state for a job, but he still kept surfing magazines on his desk. It was the closest he could get to the life he left behind.

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. My ex-boss gave up his happiness for money, and that resonated in all of his other decisions too. I never once saw him get passionate about his work, about his hobbies, about his relationships. It was all a series of sacrifices, and for what? A greyscale version of a man?

Let's be more like Cal. Let's lean into the frivolous, colorful things that bring us utter joy, even, and especially, when they don't make the most 'sense' compared to what society expects of us.

The happy frivolities add up, they bring life to our lives and they bleed into everything we do.

PS: For the first time in history, we have the freedom to choose almost any life we want for ourselves. It's insane.

We get to our ideal self by treating life like an experiment, by having benchmarks to know 'this is good' or 'this didn't work', and by continually learning and iterating.

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Madison Taskett

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