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Simply Happy.

Since moving to Austin, my thoughts have been an unfurled ball of rainbow colored yarn, an un-contained explosion of vibrant emotions.

My day-to-day is brighter than a makeup artist's highlight, and poetry spills out of my mouth like water from a fountain. I have the best daily routine, I am taking great care of my health, I have a great relationship with my family and friends, and I've never felt so beautiful. My Mondays are just as great as my Saturdays. Damn, I just typed that and realized it's true and now I'm all like 😄.

I used to get really scared when I got happy. The other shoe always drops. And of course it will again in the future, but I'm not scared any more. I've learned the tools and I have the support system to handle it when the bad times inevitably come again.

For now, I will be happy.