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Driving 40 hours reset my brain

My week-long road trip (moved from Seattle to TX) reset my brain.

Today I cleaned up my notes app and there were so many pointers on how to reduce anxiety and increase my focus. So many writings where I went around in circles overthinking my move, my personal life, my career.

Now it's so clear that's not how to reduce stress and increase focus. All of those resources actually add anxiety and fragment my mind more!

I have no idea why, but after my drive, it's all simple and clear. The overthinking and anxiousness faded away.

I can only guess that it had something to do with unplugging for an entire week? I didn't listen to podcasts or audiobooks while driving. Just turned on some good music and let my mind wander... I didn't have any intentions of growth or accomplishment.

I just drove.

And when I wasn't driving, I wasn't on my computer (unless I was writing these posts).

I will work hard not to  slip back into my old ways and re-introduce all the distractions and BS that got me so anxious and turned-around in the first place.

Writing this helps keep me focused.