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Be Your Own _________.

I have an internet friend who inspires tf out of me. We'll call him Max (name changed). He's always positive and motivated, and looks on the bright side even when things are hard. He dreams big and nothing is going to stop him, but he also takes time to enjoy the simple pleasures out of life outside of work.

I'm working on being a brighter person, and I use my admiration to encourage me. I have a note saved on my phone that says, "BE YOUR OWN MAX."

I see this note first thing upon waking up. I see it throughout the day when I look at my phone. And every time I do, it's like a battle cry. When I'm having a stressful moment or when things go wrong, I remind myself, "You've got this. Be your own Max!!! YEAHHHH!"  

Who do you admire? Maybe try this? It's really working for me!