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Girls just want to have fun

"In August, I just want to have fun. I want to live a little! Not have an agenda for everything," I said to my bestie as we dined on a Denver patio. She smiled.

"I hope so! It's been so long since you've been that person."

She's right. In the past few years, I admired those who were all-or-nothing and I strived to be that way too. It's led me to a lot of amazing experiences, but I haven't let myself find a delicious balance and followed my body towards what feels right in my heart, not just my head.

This year, I've noticed a shift in those I look up to: they seem genuinely happy.

I'm scared of letting go and being carefree. But okay, fine, I am scared, so what? I will just do what I want while being scared. It's all good!

I want to plan less and live more. I'm ready to start having fun again. Being goofy. Dancing in the rain and singing off-key to my favorite songs and dressing up for no reason and laughing until my sides hurt. Who's with me?