Interactive Quiz: Are you a Quarantine 'Basic Bitch'?

makers Apr 7, 2020

We've been asking ourselves a lot of hard questions lately.

Questions like, is my family going to be safe? Am I going to lose my job? How long is this quarantine going to last for? Is the economy fucked?

But one question is probably weighing more heavily in your mind than all the others.

Am I a quarantine 'basic bitch'?

Has my sourdough hobby gotten out of control? Am I an Animal Crossing hoe? Is drinking straight vodka in my underwear normal now?

Well, wonder no longer, for I have created a handy assessment that will definitely label you 'basic' or not.

You can check it out here. ;)

Enjoy! And tweet me if you liked it! It took me a bit too long to make soooo, if you have any feedback I'm all ears!

Madison Taskett

I'm a tech growth marketer and indie maker in Austin, TX 🌮. This blog is a daily look into my mind. It's raw, honest, and reflective, and I try to post daily.