You guys, writing daily really works

You guys, writing daily really works

It's late at night after a non-stop day. I totally forgot about writing tonight.

In the case of 'emergencies' like this, I have a small backlog of pre-written posts so I can keep up my daily posting goals. Tonight I picked a piece I wrote a month ago that, at the time, I was pretty proud of.

I can't believe I ever thought it was good! The writing was cringeworthy; it was braggy and rambly and kind of a mess. My face looked like this 😬 the entire time.

And then it clicked. It was good, for Madi one month ago. But writing daily is leveling me up so fast that something I wrote four weeks ago makes me grimace.

That's just lovely, isn't it? It shows that this daily writing thing is working!

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