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Day 7: Our Worst Qualities are Superpowers

“A remark on the subject of Chopin's étude Op. 25, No. 11 in A minor: “Small-souled men, no matter how agile their fingers, should avoid it.” -Douglas Hofstadter

I've always had enough feelings to drown a whale. I'm sometimes ashamed of being girly like this. I was raised by a single dad and I still equate being sensitive with weakness.

But because my emotions run wild, I see the world in a more magical way than most. I sometimes slow down the speed of rain outside a lamp post at night, or make the world spin when I have a bad day, or turn color to greyscale if it fits the mood.

I can also connect with people easily. I hear a friend's song and tell her it sounds like warm caramel melting on a rainy fall day, and she looks at me with wonder while she whispers, "You get it." I once went to a wedding where I didn't know anyone, and at the end of the night I was holding the father of the bride's hand while he cried and told me how painful and beautiful it was to be letting his baby girl go.

"How... did you... that man is emotionless!" my date said. "And he'd never met you before!"

And I may be a little awkward and clumsy physically, but when I write with emotion at night, I can walk on water and dance on treetops, my feet never touching the ground.

My feelings are my superpower. They lend soul to everything I do.

It's time I start embracing that.

PS- What's your flaw that you think could also be a superpower? DM me

PPS- I feel like I'm supposed to talk about the election today, but Pat Walls already said it best.